Our Menu

You can expect unique European and International dishes with an Asian accent.

All prices are in Sri Lankan Rupees and include all taxes and service charge.


LKR 1 000

Oatmeal porridge

with coconut milk, seasonal fruits, nuts and coconut flakes

LKR 1 800

Cottage cheese pancakes

with coconut condensed milk, mango puree and seasonal fruits

LKR 1 600

Homemade cottage cheese

with seasonal fruits, nuts and honey

LKR 1 600

Homemade cottage cheese

with cucumber, sun-dried tomatoes, gotu kola pesto and seeds

LKR 2 000

Avocado toast

with prawns, tomato salsa and poached egg, whole grain bread

LKR 2 500

Eggs Benedict

with bacon, on Enghlish muffin

LKR 1 500


egg dish with tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, feta cheese and bread

LKR 1 200

Folded eggs

cheese creamy folded omelette with spinach and bread

LKR 3 000

Continental breakfast

cheese, bacon/chicken sausage, egg, gotu kola pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, bread, butter, jam

LKR 1 800

Bistro salad

fried bacon and potatoes, onion-garlick scramble, tomatoes, rye bread


day price

Cake of the day

every day we have very tasty cakes and bakery, ask our staff

LKR 1 200

Vanilla Ice Cream

with extra virgin olive oil, pink Himalayan salt and herbs

LKR 900

Banana bread

with vanilla ice cream, banana and mango puree

LKR 800

Ice Cream

with seasonal fruits (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry)


LKR 1 200


with tomato salsa and French baguette

LKR 700

Garlic croutons

from rye bread with garlic sauce

LKR 2 500

Beef tartare

with rye bread

LKR 2 700

Tuna carpaccio

with extra virgin olive oil and cappers

LKR 1 500

Chicken liver pate

with pinapple confiture and French baguette


LKR 1 200


potato puree soup with cream, leeks and oyster mushrooms

LKR 1 200

Pumpkin puree soup

with coconut cream, nutmeg and ginger

LKR 1 800

Tomato seafood soup

with basil, prawns and squid

LKR 1 000

Chicken soup

with spinach


LKR 1 800

Greek salad

with feta cheese

LKR 2 300

Prawns and mango salad

LKR 2 100

Garden salad

with beef tenderloin and honey mustard dressing

LKR 1 600

Tomato salad

with feta cheese, sweet onions and capers


LKR 2 700

Peeled prawns

with butter, garlic and herbs, served with vegetable salad and sauce

LKR 1 200

Fried potatoes

with oyster mushrooms, onions and rosemary, served with sour cream

LKR 2 900

Beef Stroganoff

with oyster mushrooms in cream, served with mashed potatoes

LKR 2 600

Chicken breast

baked with parmesan and bacon, served with baked smashed potatoes and sauce

LKR 1 900

Chicken sausages

with mashed potatoes, pickled cucumber and onion gravy

LKR 1400/1200/1000

Fried rice

with prawns/chicken/egg


LKR 1 800

Pesto pasta

with sun-dried tomatoes

LKR 2 400

Pasta Carbonara

with parmesan cheese and bacon

LKR 2 300

Prawn pasta

with homemade tomato-basil sauce, tomatoes and parmesan cheese

LKR 2 000

Creamy pasta

with chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach


LKR 500

Roti paratha

LKR 1 000


LKR 600

Craft bread

with homemade salted butter

LKR 1 000


with extra virgin olive oil


LKR 500/800



LKR 1 000

Espresso tonic

espresso, tonic, orange, ice

LKR 600/700



LKR 800/900


regular/coconut milk

LKR 900/1000


regular/coconut milk

LKR 1 200


vanilla / chocolate / banana / strawberry

LKR 800


papaya lime / watermelon mint / pineapple banana / mango / mix

LKR 400/700


black, green, fruit, regular/large teapot

LKR 150/200


500 / 1 000 ml

LKR 400

King coconut


LKR 600

Homemade lime lemonade

lime, mint, soda, ice

LKR 1 200


banana / papaya / mango / avocado

LKR 900

King island mokteil

king coconut water, pineapple, lime